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“And there is nothing new under the sun”
The sequence of animations “And there is no news under the sun” was inspired by the contemporary Dutch social-political reality with a special emphasize on the subject of immigration & intigration. These subjects are much disscused in the news, and have raised old sentiments like the fear of losing identity, culture and the fear for the stranger (xenophobia).
The animations try to deal with this heavy subject with some humour and ironic distance, although with critical eyes. Some of the characters in the animations are of Dutch politicians that were taking (and some still have) a major role in this issue like Geert Wilders, Rita Verdonk, Pim Fortuyn en Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The animations present the frustration and powerlessness of mankind in its encounter with the force of (human) nature.
Animations order / titles:
1. Refugees
2. Mourning women
3. Hirsi Mud
4. Rita Wizard
5. A way to die
6. Wild Wilders

“Pimpimiel Verticaal”

Pictures of the presentation on the 25.05.2012:

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